All-in-one solution to kickstart your Next project

Next Edge Starter is a comprehensive starter kit for building and launching modern web applications. It comes with 3 different stacks to use what you already love like; Supabase, PlanetScale, Drizzle, Lucia-auth, Prisma, NextAuth, tRPC, React Server Actions and more!

Next Edge Starter Preview

What is included?

This repo comes fully stacked with everything you need to empower your startup.
Say goodbye to integration headaches and start building your product today!

Choose Your Stack

3 template repos to let you pick what you already love. Supabase, PlanetScale, NextAuth, Lucia-Auth, Drizzle, tRPC and more.

UI Package

All the components you need for your next application. Built by the wonderful Shadcn UI.


Protect your pages and API routes and entire app using next-auth, Supabase Auth or Lucia-Auth.


Ready to use email templates with react-email and pre-configured email service with resend.

Serverless DB

Choose between PlanetScale, and Supabase to power your database.

Next.js 13 & React 18

Latest features from Next 13 using the brand new App Router with full React 18 support including streaming and server actions.

Full-stack Typesafety

Full-stack Typesafety with zod. Typesafe database querying and easy to manage migrations using Prisma.

Edge Compute

Ready to deploy on Edge functions to ensure a blazingly fast application with optimal UX.


Accept one time payments or create subscriptions with Lemonsqueezy.

Light & Dark Mode

Ready made light and dark modes.

Rate limiting

Limit requests to your API routes using upstash-ratelimit.


Your license is valid forever for unlimited apps.
Build as many apps as you want, ship them to production, and use them forever with limited time offer of $149 $49